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From Enuma Okoro

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How cultural collisions crack open new sides of our own stories

Published on Dec 1, 2014

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Writer Enuma Okoro explores how people of differing cultures can be at home within a diverse society. She queries the perception of iconic women around the world and proffers that ‘stereotypes come from a modicum of truth but never give us the full answer’, She challenges us to learn from others because ‘people from different cultures can teach us so much about how to make our way in the world’.

Enuma Okoro is a Nigerian-American raised in four countries on three continents. She is an award-winning author of four non-fiction books. She is a widely sought-after speaker and communications consultant and in June 2012 had the honour of being the first woman of African descent to speak at the historic American Church in Paris. (Martin Luther King Jr. was the first man of African descent to
preach there in October 1965). Follow her @tweetenuma.

Author: tianameek

I am a certified holistic life coach and educator. I help my clients grow in relationship with themselves and the world around them be it personal or professional. If you desire to improve your love and marriage, seek emotional balance, financial stability, are embarking on a new career, or preparing to make changes about your life, I am here to walk with you on the journey.

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